Ice Tube Beer Tower Dispenser
 beer tower
Fingertip swivel action (for round-the-table serving)
Tough polycarbonate tubes (practically unbreakable)

Cooling Systems (that really work)  

For Beer, soft drinks, cocktails.   Cooled with Ice Cubes.  Exellent Branding Potential   tabietop drink dispensers
See-through design (down to the last drop)
Branding area (all-round logo visibility)
Weighted untippable base (no bar disasters)
Three different models. Cleaning and carrying accessories. Füll spares programme.

Beer Tower

The thickness of the reservoirs of our beer dispensers is at least 3mm. Compared with only 2mm for the tubes of most of the beer towers on the market. It means very good quality and insulation. The reservoirs can be produced in Acrylic or in Polycarbonate. Acrylic is a very transparent material (closest to the glass). Polycarbonate has good transparency and is ultra-resistant. Polycarbonate is the material used to produce the top quality feeding-bottles for the kids. It is difficult and expensive to use polycarbonate for production but it’s worth it if you look for the best. 

5 litres -169 oz - 8,7 pt heigth -125 cm 3 litres if used with options! ke Tube
//tres-10foz-5.2pt heigth - 90 cm 2 litres if used with optional Ice Tube
2 litres-67 oz-3.5 pt heigth • 74 cm
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All plastic materials used in the manufacture of The beer tower portable drinks dispenser are approved by sanitary technical regulations for materials destined to be in contact with food and drink. FILLING THE DISPENSER Thebeer tower may be used to serve all types of drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, juices, cocktails, etc.. carbonated or not, with the exception of undiluted spirits with a high alcohol content. Before filling the dispenser, cool the tube by rinsing briefly with cold water. When filling with beer from abar tap, till the tubexind gently rest the inside surface against the end of the bar his will alow the  to slide down the tube without breaking into foam. If you ou can add a tc of foam at the end for aesthetic purposes.To fill the Icetube beer tower take out the cooling tube and fill the dispenser, following the left hand level markings. The scale on the right shows the volume once the cooling tube has been inserted. USING THE  beer tower DISPENSER Once full, place the tube into the portable base and serve drink from the tap.
Beer in the base allowing all members of a group to serve themselves with ease. To cool and to maintain the temperature of the drink, slide the previously frozen ice sleeves down the outside of the tube. With appropriate drinks, ice cubes may also be used. With the Icetube beer tower drink can be kept cold by filling the central cooling tube with ice and water. First slide open the metal grid and fill the cooling tube with ice cubes. Then top up with water poured from a jug through the closed grid, Finally, place cooling tube into the drink, The Icetube beer tower is supplied with a cap for optional use, with or without the cooling tube. CLEANING THE DISPENSER After use, rinse abundantly and make water flow through the tap, Clean the inside of the tube with warm water, conventional dishwashing liquid and our specially designed brush. For the Icetube beer tower brush maybe used for the main tube and also for the inner cooling tube. The Easywash Hose, which includes universal water tap adaptors, is supplied as an optional rinsing accessory. Do not use abrasive produc solvents. MAINTENANCE OF THE DISPENSER The beer tower can be fully disassembled for more thorough cleaning, thus guaranteeing total hygiene,
Tabletop drink dispenser
place the beer tower on the table or floor,turn to the tube,you can enjoy the beer in every corner.  beer tower The beer tower with ice chamber,you enjoy the cold beer . Beer tower is of superior quality,having a blue slippery surface.Plastic faucet is very convenient for you to show your logo. beer tower The metal faucet is the focus of this red wine tower.Material: Base: ABS tube: Pmma,Pc Faucet: plastic, beverage dispenser can be used for beer ,softdrinks,whisky,orange juice,and so on.